Today at 4:00 I have an appointment to visit a fertility clinic that I was referred to by my OBGYN about the test results from the lab. I have been eagerly waiting a month for this day to arrive. Now that it is here, I am more nervous than I think I  have ever been. I have so many questions.

One of my main concerns is that this visit and others like it will not be covered under my insurance due to the title “infertility” in billing. The representative for my Health Insurance company has assured me that as long as they bill it under a different reason, more medical, that it should be covered. When I go to the doctors today I will have to make sure he is clear on my reason for visiting. I want my hormonal imbalance to be treated, not to become fertile. Well now, if the treatment for my hormonal imbalance happens to make me fertile, I certainly won’t complain.

I hope to find out today exactly what my chances are of ever being able to conceive with my condition. Is it even possible? If so, how? What can I do to help the solution? What are my options if I cannot conceive naturally? Can I stand to wait any longer, or is it a NOW OR NEVER kind of situation? If adoption and in vitro or serogacy are my next and only steps to motherhood, who can afford that?  I hope to find the answers to these questions and post later today. Wish me luck.