Why does it seem when money is tight, work is scarce, things are at their worse, everything seems to fall apart at once? That is what it has been like these last few months. My husband is making the bare minimum in monthly income at his job anyway, but then the insurance kicked in and his paychecks where almost cut in half. We have been living with my parents to get our feet on the ground, but the outlook has been bleak. On top of everything, the insurance is claiming they won’t cover all the doctor’s visits and lab tests done on me recently due to  a “pre-existing condition”. That leaves us with a $1000+ bill that we couldn’t possibly pay. We will be fighting with the insurance company for sure, but it is definitely added stress we don’t need.

Needless to say, both my husband and I have been bad company during these depressing times. With all of these worries going on, it was a bright shining ray of hope when I got the test results back from the blood work taken at the Fertility Clinic. My premature ovarian failure is NOT a chromosomal condition, which is amazingly good news! It means that my condition was not caused by fragile X syndrome or other genetic abnormalities. So, if I was to ever try to get pregnant, I could use my own eggs. There is still a smaller chance of getting pregnant on my own, but if I stick to the hormone therapy that was prescribed to me by my doctor, I at least have a plan of action.

Now,the next obstacle is getting all those other problems turned around. Finding work, a place to live, and hopefully the rest will follow.