As I read through my last post  again and I  wanted to add a few more comments. While I am feeling my situation is depressing, I myself am resilient. I have support from so many good friends, and I want them to know that I have not lost hope.

In my last post: I relayed the history of my marriage in terms of when we thought the appropriate time to have children would be. We put off thinking about the subject until we felt we were in the next phase (and the next phase, and the next phase) not just because we thought we weren’t ready, but because each phase was in-itself a step toward being ready. The hardest part about infertility was not that we had been putting it off, but that we had spent all these years working toward it. To be at this point in our lives, and find out that we may never have our own children, it is hard not to feel like: What was the point of all of this? What is the purpose of my life now? I worked so hard for something that may not be possible anyway! So I am in a new transition point where I need to find another purpose to my life that may or may not include raising children. I know a lot of other women facing infertility are feeling this way and I have found some links that I would like to share.

My local news station recently put out a story about infertility:

USA today has an article about POI, which happens to be my condition specifically: