I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at age 24 and told that the chances of having my own children were very small. I decided to start a blog to document my own feelings, my journey to becoming a mother so that my children will know the story, and to connect myself with others in similar circumstances who might understand or be in need of understanding themselves. I also hope that my close friends and family will read my posts in an effort to know my situation. I chose to name my blot Childless Heir because I feel that the whole goodness of human beings is our desire to share happiness and gratitude of our blessings and pass it on to our descendants. As of now, we are the products of our parent’s great upbringing and so wish to see that same opportunity passed as my “inheritance” to my own children. I seem to be facing the same fears that so many royalty in history: I need an heir.